RXCAN : digital servo for CAN network

The goal is to be able to inter-connect servos like those used in radio-modelism and to do it via a CAN bus. This mesh of servos can be considered as a a real network where data are organised as specified by the CAN protocole. RXCAN is a product from the Pragmatec company.


> General overview

What is interresting by using a such network is probably to let the servo to realize a set of actions according to a received setpoint or over a personnal decision. Then the servo is no more supposed to just execute the order sent by the FM receiver every 20 ms but being clever it is able to do much more things...

Our CAN network is composed of the following devices :

Overview of the
RXCAN project


The main requirements are :


> RxCanServo : digital servo

Pictures and details very soon...


> RxCanRadio : PCM receiver with digital output

Pictures and details very soon...


> RxCanPocket : display and setup of the network

The development environment is :

The SoftElec model :

We have designed a graphical menu management task for a graphical LCD from Sélectronic in France. The main difficulty is to code in C code a simple and efficient menu management in order to update it easily to add new panels or remove existing menu (we have designed a menu with multiple page as those used with digital camera).

> RxCanSpy : in-situ debuger

Pictures and details very soon...