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The Microchip IDE

The MPLAB Integrated Development Environment delivered by Microchip runs under Windows. He's mainly made up of a simulator working with PIC12, PIC14, PIC17 and PIC18 families (I've tested the PIC18 family with the releases 5.xx and 6.xx).


An assembler (MPASM) and a linker (MPLINK) are also delivered with the MPLAB packaged. Furthermore Microchip declares PIC18 family is built around a C-compiler optimized architecture (the demo version of the Microchip C-compiler is just a trial version... so you have to reinstall it sometimes).

You can download these tools from the Microchip website.
[I personnaly use MPLAB 6.10 and MPLAB C18, PICmicro 18Cxx demo C compiler v2.00]


Uploading a program into the chip

To do so it's necessary to get a programmer. To program PIC16F84, I use the SCHAER programmer with ic-prog software. To program any other PIC from PIC16 and PIC18 families, I've modified my SCHAER programer to finaly get a SCHAER+ programer.

But it's only possible to program the PIC18 family with the 1.05 release of ic-prog, because the upload process of a HEX file into the chip is quite different from the one concerning PIC16 family.

So I've decided to develop PP18, my own PIC18 programming software running with SCHAER compliant programer, it means doing with 5 signals from the parallel port (VCC, VPP, DATA_IN, DATA_OUT and CLOCK).